Our Solutions are specially tailored to cater to the end to end needs of the identified industries. Telasar plays the role of a one stop shop for setting up the entire infrastructure bundled with latest technology options, standing tall on the strong backbone of our core network strength needed to get the business rolling. Telasar constantly innovates and evolves it's offerings specific for each Industry to be able to offer best options for enhancing Customer's experience, increasing Productivity and Agility for any Business. 



Today’s Hospitality environment is drastically changing. It Is a place to stay connected, productive, entertained and relaxed.  Your guests’ experiences and repeat business depend on their overall experience and digital set up plays an important role. Our offerings ensures secure data, Stable Wi-Fi, Self CheckIn, Event based network set up and much more to help enhance customer experience.



Traditional healthcare methods do leave a void in the experience of healthcare givers and patients. We enable your team to deliver high quality care with excellence .  We take a “360 Degree ” view of how your practice operates and help you improve overall efficiency . Our niche offerings manage your varied needs within the specified budget.



 Education industry has been at the forefront in adopting emerging technological and connectivity trends . The infrastructure of the New Gen educational institutions demand the need for content , security and process management.  We use effective technology to break down information and communication limitations. Our creative and cost-effective ICT solutions increase connectivity and overall engagement experience.

Manufacturing 4.0


Telasar solutions incorporate the understanding of the unique business dynamics and their challenges. Backed up with cutting edge technology trends in the industry 4.0 domain  offering  Core Network , Surveillance , IoT , Intelligent WIFI ,AR or more !