Our Mission


 To be a Market Leader In Providing Best-In-Class Bespoke ,Scalable and Robust Network & IT Solutions Integrated with Trustworthy & Reliable services.

Our Vision



To Become A Cutting Edge Network & IT Solutions Partner for Businesses to Advance their Reach Through Telasar's Innovative Solutions & Services.

Our Differentiators

Quality Assurance


With a strong vision and ability to manage complex business requirements , we strive on competence. Our unique blended process & tool-based methodology gives assurance of best-in class quality. Our knowledge reflects in our endeavour to offer guaranteed services. 

We go to extensive lengths to ensure we provide you the most accurate and reliable service.




Our founding principle is based on harnessing leading edge technology, strategic solution and establishing a synergy with your core business objectives. Thus empowering you to focus on stability, revenue generation, cost reduction and over all growth for your business. 

We tailor our methodology as well as our deliverable based on the customer's  business specific situation, needs and objectives.

Expertise & Experience


Telasar has a pool of highly committed, result oriented professionals with decades of experience in handling  projects of all scale. We understand relevant industry best practices, processes and the Telecom/Network challenges faced by any organisation. 

Responding to customer demands quickly or even anticipating their needs is our forte. Our team brings to you the excellent and consistent service.

Alliances & Partnerships


In this world of contrasts, we establish partnerships and business association for creating a niche competitive advantage with distinctive skill sets and product lines .Thus it supports early engagement, integrated & optimised  solution . 

Our core philosophy of long-term customer partnerships drive closer working relationships leading to lower cost solution.

Our Passion


"Our team" enthusiasm, curiosity, open mindedness & flexibility to "know more" never fails our objectives!  And we are passionate about technology for the potential it unleashes enforcing our intent and determination to exploit it  for making a difference within the industry. 

Our Story


It all started with a chance meeting with an entrepreneur friend over coffee.

The conversation that followed opened the doors of our imagination. For our friend, faced myriad issues in his entrepreneurial journey - inconsistent Internet connectivity, outages lasting days leading to huge delays in daily critical data work, security issues raised by clients and a struggle to identify the right vendors to provide solutions.

Upon further thought, we realized that this was just the tip of the iceberg acting as a deterrent for start-ups to focus on what really matters, their "core" product.

It is then we realized, that there is a need to form an entity which would help businesses overcome these common adversities.

On doing a passive survey with other entrepreneurs facing these issues, we arrived to the realization that the attention to the available technologies and awareness about solutions was deeply deficient.  It gradually dawned on us that what cannot be found, must be created.

And thus, the idea for Telasar was conceived over the strong pillars of easy accessibility, reliability, quality and trust.

The idea was to build a brand that redefined the way people approached technology for businesses in the Network & Communications domain.
We strive to simplify cumbersome processes by creating a robust ‘TelASAR Ecosystem’ which offers





... and also one that would continue to grow with each customer experience.

So, What’s next for Telasar?

More innovation & more collaborations without losing focus on our core strengths & values. We intend to expand further across nationally as well as on a global scale.

The Telasar story is only just the beginning…

We @ Telasar

WE Collaborate



We Believe In Driving Progress Through Strong Collaboration With Our Customers And Partners .

Progressive Thinking



Progressive Thinking & Creative Approach Is Our USP. 


CORE Values



Our Core Values Of Honesty, Strong Work Ethics And Being Passionate About Our Work Sets Us Apart.