Shows people working on different technologies to solve IT infrastructure challenges.

We design, install and support a fully integrated IT infrastructure which is both adaptable and secure. Our team of highly technical experts and consultants work as an extension of your team enabling your team & business ecosystem .

Building multiple layers of security  over your existing legacy network , creating a hybrid mix with cloud, breaking down the complex looking solutions - Let's start the transformation towards a highly scalable , reliable and cost optimised systems & tools !

Network Set Up


Telasar unlocks the full potential of your business by Network Evaluation , Design, Site Readiness & Implementation Set up  to bring accessibility closer to your work team. 

Our Hybrid Cloud,On-Premises offerings range across  LAN, WAN, VPN , WLAN , Firewall, End Point Security , Servers.

Cloud Services


We design, build, deliver and manage new or existing pure cloud or hybrid cloud IT infrastructure based on your budget . 

Special bespoke offerings (over AWS / Azure cloud) to support software startups open to working on virtual environment for high security to protect their IP and easy maintenance to enable a focus on the core product .

Network Security


The best way to ensure your network & data is safe is by having a comprehensive, multilayer security strategy  safeguarding your entire IT Infrastructure , workplace devices & application licenses.

We implement the perfect mix of technology and solutions to achieve ultimate security .

Access Management


We follow Industry Driven 

Best Practices across 

Biometric controlled Access, 

Attendance System  and host of application based controls to safeguard your workplace & IT Infrastructure.

Our partnership with the best OEMs ensures the best for our clients.

Operations & Maintenance


Telasar’s O&M methodology  is designed to monitor, diagnose, record and control a diverse range of customer networks. 


Our experienced IT Infrastructure team manages  the Faults, Configurations ,Resolutions , Vendor coordination to manage the TAT .

Project Management


Telasar best-in class project management processes promotes industry standards and best practices across various engagements to provide true benefits for the customers.

We take full ownership and accountability of our work for all our clients ensuring a perfect alignment between business and IT Infrastructure team.

Hardware Sourcing


Telasar utilises it’s ecosystem of OEM partners to source the latest and cost effective hardware best suitable for your Network deployment needs.

Servers, Storage, Fiber Cables,workplace devices & application licenses - desktop, laptop. IP Phones & more!    

Security Surveillance


Securing your IT Infrastructure with host of Integrated Surveillance systems and management solutions eliminate the location dependencies and brings an ease to monitor your network remotely or on site . 

Unified Communications


Our experts will leverage your current communication and collaboration investment and fill in any gap with best of breed solution while a green field has a host of options.

On Premise or Hybrid Cloud , Telasar helps you bring it together.

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